Foster Families

The Foster Homes of Familia provide the closest alternative to a natural family for children who would otherwise never experience the joys of family life or bonding with a caring adult. The children are offered the space and opportunities to experience a real childhood. For the majority of them, the foster family is the only family they can return to at any time and the foster parents are the only ones in their life to call Father and Mother.

Each home is run by a married couple or foster parents who take full responsibility for the total development of the children. Through building a real attachment to the foster parents, children are helped to overcome previous traumatic experiences and they are allowed the space for their personalities to develop naturally and to blossom. The children are given an education and/ or opportunities for vocational training.

There are also opportunities to take part in co-curricular recreational activities. A house doctor pays regular visits to monitor the health of the children. Anyone who requires specialized care is promptly taken to Specialists in the nearby towns for necessary treatment. A qualified psychologist is available for counseling both children and parents and a house doctor is also available for regular monitoring of the health of the children.