Outreach Services

The needier residents of nearby villages receive assistance:

Free Ambulance Service to deserving people:– A day & night ambulance service is available free of charge to those who deserve it and for a nominal fee to the others.

Support for medical needs:– Men & women of nearby villages suffering from various types of illness but unable to afford proper treatment are supported in every way possible depending on the availability of funds.

Help for the wedding of girls from very poor families:– Parents of very low income in nearby villages struggling to send their daughters in marriage are rendered support to arrange the same.

Support for educational needs:– This we do in various ways.

  • Supply of educational materials and payment of tuition fee for village children studying in various schools around Familia. About 150 children are supported.
  • Imparting free education to many of the children from tribal community as well as BPL category. This is to uplift the socially & educationally backward community of this area. These children need a comprehensive support, i.e., we shall have to completely meet their educational expenses as well as nutrition since they are all children from very needy families, either tribal or financially nowhere.
  • Educational support to tribal children in Pandua in the Dist. of Bardwan, West Bengal. This we do as part of decentralizing help for the needier section of our society in various pats of West Bengal. There are 50 children from Pandua selected to receive educational support. A few schools in that locality, Eng. Medium and Bengali Medium, take care of the training for these children.
  • Educational support to children from very poor families in Baruipur and Kodalia of the South 24-Parganas Dist. of West Bengal. Children are selected through reliable sources to receive help. There is a total of 39 children from Baruipur and Kodalia together.